Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Christmas Cards

I thought we could all use a few holiday ideas. I hope those of you who sent me these cards don't mind me posting them!!!!

From Hillary D. I love how this one shines. It's a very classy design.

From Jamie B. Notice the cute eyelets on the corner of the card, which is turned up.

From me:
From Heather F. My sister is amazing! What else can I say? I love the use of brads, colors, and the green stamped on green.
From Amber H. Your cards are always so adorable! I like the bigger ribbon and the edges of the Merry Christmas. This card is even cuter in person and has a lot of texture.From Lynn H. I like the use of the netting...what is that called? I also like the phrase stamped over and over. This card also opens just above the words "very merry."
From Catherine Y. This is embossed and the ribbon/thread is silver. My camera doesn't do it justice.
From me:

This is from a Stampin' Up workshop. It's my favorite, so don't be surprised if you get one in the mail one year. :) Does anyone own these stamps? And that is Robby's finger. He was helping me. We took lots of pictures of his artwork as well...but I wont' post them here!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Branch Chrsitmas invite

It isn't for lack of ideas that I haven't posted. I have MB's of storage space dedicated to stamping ideas. The problem is, where do I start. So here it is, my most recent card. I was asked to make invitations to our branch Christmas party. I was given the sahara sand paper and the patterned paper and the brads and told to do whatever I wanted. In the end I inked around the Jesus paper in red so it stood out more but I didn't take a picture of that one. I made the card but my mom gave me lots of input of this one.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

JoAnn Sales

FYI, you can make a purchase on and use the code NOVFSH7 for free shipping with no required minimum purchase! I think it goes until Tuesday. They have some good deals on stamps. I noticed a lot of cute card ideas as well.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

This is a card my mom designed this weekend when we made our Christmas cards. We took a stamp and changed it, You too can change the purpose of a stamp. So instead of a tree we used a bow or sprig, what is that called? Sorry pregnancy brain. Then we put sliver dots on the "trees" and topped them with a punched out copper colored star. The edge of the white cardstock was rubbed in the dark green ink to give it a border. A gold ribbon added a nice touch.

Here is one more my mom designed (Both stamp sets belong to her). Sliver inked City of David with sparkly brown paper and a silver ribbon. Here's why its different...

It opens horizontally! The ribbon shows inside and Mary and Joseph and walk to the other end of the card. Fun huh? Simple cards compared to some of the others we did which took hours (three days total!). We ended up make 10 different cards 6 times. I'm worn out! Somehow I still made two thanksgiving cards. Too bad I didnt scan one before I sent them.

Thanks Julie!

Yea for cards! I look forward to seeing everyone's ideas and will get some of my own posted when I get back into town.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Looks great!

Love this idea, Julie...cause you know that I am all about copying other ideas! And hoarding cards.... It will definitely be a while before I can post any pictures and ideas, but I have plenty to contribute. I will put it on my to-do list!

It's a go...

I'm all about this site. When I get my computer running again, I'll scan a bunch. Some of my recent ones and some that I've recieved that I love. Thanks for a cool idea, Julie!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Christmas Card Ideas

This is one of the first cards I ever made. I love the red and green on white (yes, it is white...not cream). I used the 99-cent ribbon from JoAnn's and it was oh, so simple.

Here is another easy Christmas card (once again, with Bri's stamp). I like the white paper strip behind the stamp that divides the card.

A Pair of Thank You Cards

Bri actually made this card for me with my stamps! I love how she cut the flowers out, used a strip of paper instead of ribbon (I don't do ribbon...very often), and how she brushed the edges of the square against the stamp pad. By the way, the background is actually the paper, not a stamp.

This is a card I created with Cami's stamp and ribbon - it was super easy because I used two coordinating pieces of paper. It's smaller than a regular card.

To get us started...

For this card, I used the Stampin' Up Versamark stamp pad to create the water-mark on the dark paper. Pardon the picture quality - it's much prettier in person.

I made a bunch of these, so don't be surprised if you get one when you have a baby! :) I love Creative Memories cutting system, which allows for the different size circles. And thank you, Barbara, for the stamp!

Briann showed me how to rub my card against the stamp pad at different angles to create a random and shaded background. She also loaned me the stamps and colored the toadstool for me. Thanks, Bri!

This is such a classic Julie card - cute paper and one little stamp in the corner.

This is a tri-fold card with the HAPPY BIRTHDAY affixed to one side of the card. It has cool brown and tan colors...too bad they look terrible in the picture.

Card Ideas Wanted!

I am always looking for new homemade card ideas and I get tired of my cards all looking a bit alike. I created this blog so we can exchange card ideas as well as good deals on paper, stamps, etc. Ideally, you can post pictures of your cards - cute or random, fancy or simple, brads or eyelets, etc. If you feel like it, you can write a note explaining anything tricky or anything you are proud of! Otherwise, a picture will do. Don't feel intimidated! My favorite cards are really easy ones. Feel free to email this blog to any of your card-making friends. I'll try not to feel like a loser if no one posts any cards...

The one thing that you should definitely do with each post is include labels. Here are a few ideas, but feel free to make up your own: Christmas, birthday, stamps, eyelets, stickers, tri-fold, brads, ribbon, simple, paper, etc.

Any ideas for a better title? This title is for me - as evidenced by my not-so-crafty cards!