Tuesday, November 20, 2007

This is a card my mom designed this weekend when we made our Christmas cards. We took a stamp and changed it, You too can change the purpose of a stamp. So instead of a tree we used a bow or sprig, what is that called? Sorry pregnancy brain. Then we put sliver dots on the "trees" and topped them with a punched out copper colored star. The edge of the white cardstock was rubbed in the dark green ink to give it a border. A gold ribbon added a nice touch.

Here is one more my mom designed (Both stamp sets belong to her). Sliver inked City of David with sparkly brown paper and a silver ribbon. Here's why its different...

It opens horizontally! The ribbon shows inside and Mary and Joseph and walk to the other end of the card. Fun huh? Simple cards compared to some of the others we did which took hours (three days total!). We ended up make 10 different cards 6 times. I'm worn out! Somehow I still made two thanksgiving cards. Too bad I didnt scan one before I sent them.

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jules said...

Bri - These are awesome! I love the silver on the blue - and I really like the first card. Thanks for sharing!