Saturday, May 31, 2008

About a month ago, we had a Stampin' Up party at my house.  Here are the cards that we made.  They are all very doable cards and in fact, I have made my own version of some of them since then.  (I will post those on another day).  The right side of the salmon colored card is a bookmark that can be torn off (edge is already perforated).


Friday, May 23, 2008

Random Cards

Birthday Bonanza

I have made a slew of birthday cards for my multitude of family members. I am especially fond of the rubber ducky one (my little sister loves rubber ducks) and the fishing theme (for my grandpa who loves to fish).

For the Duck card, I tried to draw a rubber duck looking shape, and then cut out an orange shape for the bill. I made the bubbles using punches, and coloring them with a white paint pen.

For the Fishing Card, I used a water patterned paper, and a sand colored paper for the "shore". I made a wood sign, and used a Stampendous Happy Birthday stamp. The fish is from a Provo Craft paper pack. I made the pail using tin foil and paper (the handle is made with floral wire). The fishing pole is a twig from my backyard, and I made a reel with floral wire, used clear nylon thread for fishing line, and made a hook (using floral wire) and lure (using ribbon that I shredded).

The other cards are pretty standard design.

Father's Day

This year, on my bid to make all the cards I send out by hand, I did a slew of Father's Day cards for my Dad, Grandpa and brothers/brother-in-law. They were all "unique", but fit the same pattern. I used scraps for making the ties (made a cardboard pattern for it), and hand wrote the greeting, hearts, and line.

Graduation Cards

I recently had a friend graduate with her Master's degree, and I made a card. The wording is horrible, but I made the mistake of handprinting it, and so it is uneven and crappy! I made the "tassle" with ribbon, since our PX didn't have any embroidery floss. I used floral wire to make the neck of the tassle, and the '08 symbol.

This one was for my youngest sister who is graduating from high school this year. Her high school mascot is a tiger, hence the orange background and black stripes. I used scrap black cardstock for the stripes. Same method with the tassle and such on this one. This time I used stickers for the year.

Mother's Day

I made this one for my Mom. The picture didn't turn out well, but the background paper is purple from DCWV spring stack. I punched out white dots and made a "pearl" necklace, using silver eyelets and wire for the clasp, and put it on vellum.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Nine Patch Card

Kelli made a nine patch card on her blog last week. This is my version. I added the butterfly from my scrapbook program.

Anna's Fabulous Cards

My good friend sent these to me in February so I could post them on this blog. I don't know what happened to my brain, but I completely forgot I had these pictures!! Sorry it took so long, Anna!!

I love your cards!!!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Cards I Didn't Make :)

I'm so glad all of you keep posting cards! I have been to two card-making nights in the last month where someone pulled up this blog on the computer to copy an idea. We all have different styles and it is so fun to think outside of my own card-making rut. I appreciate your posts -- even when I don't have time to comment! I think a lot more people appreciate your posts than make comments.
I recently received some cute cards in the mail. Here are a few of them. And yes, I know, I'm breaking the slideshow "rule." Enjoy!

A fun, simple idea using embroidery floss - the ink smudge in the middle is from my kids. Cute idea, Catherine!

A fun way to make an exclamation point with a tag and a heart. Thanks, Maren!

My Grandma J. (who knows my family loves smiley faces) made this card for my 4-yr-old son. I especially love the rectangle strips.

This is my favorite Grandma J. card, ever!! It is so simple and so elegant.

This is from my step-mom, Jan - I love the symmetry and all the little stamps. I never know how to use my little stamps!

Can someone post the cards from Cami's party? The other Julie said that is great as long as we give her credit. My camera is doing a horrible job at taking pictures right now (that's code for I'm exhausted and going to bed =).

Thanks for looking!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Happy Birthday

A quick card done at a make and take at Archiver's on NSD. Thanks for looking!!!