Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Two Birthday Cards

Here are two cards I made today for family birthdays this month. The ribbon is crunched because It was put on my scanner funny.
For my Sis-in-law &

for my nephew.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

My Christmas Cards 2009

Hey guys I was hoping to have these done last week but here you go!

Dasher embossed in gold:City of David:

Season of Friendship/Peaceful Wishes:
(the snowflakes are glittered)
Berry Christmas:

Delightful Decorations:
Patterned Pines:

Here is this years family photo and poem:

This is us at the Santa Train in Snoqualmie
Hark, oh friends and listen, for
On Kirkland's cold and shaded moor
our robust band of Wilsons four
Has moved into a humble dwelling

For Ben his thesis did defend
His languished schooling put to end
And with the help of faithful friends
In Bellevue works, malaria quelling

And all the while fair Bri was found
Getting bigger, growing round
Another sister coming down
Always crafting, sewing, baking

While Ginny has the magic touch
Counting, writing words and such
Violet talks and talks so much
Ne'er too far from trouble making

So at the end of another year
We gather with our family near
To recall again with joy and cheer
The baby born on Christmas morning