Saturday, November 17, 2007

Card Ideas Wanted!

I am always looking for new homemade card ideas and I get tired of my cards all looking a bit alike. I created this blog so we can exchange card ideas as well as good deals on paper, stamps, etc. Ideally, you can post pictures of your cards - cute or random, fancy or simple, brads or eyelets, etc. If you feel like it, you can write a note explaining anything tricky or anything you are proud of! Otherwise, a picture will do. Don't feel intimidated! My favorite cards are really easy ones. Feel free to email this blog to any of your card-making friends. I'll try not to feel like a loser if no one posts any cards...

The one thing that you should definitely do with each post is include labels. Here are a few ideas, but feel free to make up your own: Christmas, birthday, stamps, eyelets, stickers, tri-fold, brads, ribbon, simple, paper, etc.

Any ideas for a better title? This title is for me - as evidenced by my not-so-crafty cards!

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Philip's Designs said...

Hi Jules, I stumbled on this site while searching for new cardmaking ideas. I would love to contribute pics of some of my cards if you'd like. You can check out my blog to see what I do, alternatively I belong to a group of crafters ( there are also many many ideas there especially in the messageboard. Hope to hear from you soon. Erica.