Sunday, August 29, 2010

Cookies, squares and the doctor

Here's a card I did trying to use Copic markers to get a semi realistic hair look. Its also pretty interesting in the fact that all the stamps, including the one use to make the background were from the same vendor. That seems to rarely happen anymore.

I have been trying to use up some of the more traditionally female colors before I open more so here is another Copic colored image card. Coloring your stamped images adds another dimension and allows to take images like this and customize them to the colors you want to use.

Finally, here's a simple creative paper card. I made it using male colors but the basic idea works for just about any occasion and any coordinating color combination. It's even something you could think about doing with your scraps if you have big enough pieces.

As always, click on the card to go to my website if any of the cards interest you and you want the supply list or more detailed images.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Millie the mouse and two new floral cards

Just a quick post with the latest cards I've added on The first two are Millie the Mouse. This is a clever clear stamp set that comes with various items you can put in Millie's hand and on Millie's head so you might see more of Millie later.

The next two are A7 sized cards in a male-ish and female version. Flowers might be pushing it depending on the guy but it is at least blue. The oval is unusually tall so I had to fussy cut it out and the mat layers out by using a tracing wheel. There are actually two ribbons on the pink versions to get the width I needed so its construction is actually a little more interesting than it appears at first glance.

The coloring is of course Copic markers. I keep saying I need to make a card that doesn't use them but being able to color your stamped image opens up a whole new world of rubber stamps you can use and lets you tie in a bunch of different colors easily so they are proving hard to put down.

As always click on the card for bigger images and directions and if you want to read a lot more about how they got created, each of these has their own post on