Thursday, January 17, 2008

What is Stamp it Up?

I've been reading through the posts (your cards all look awesome by the way), and I noticed that several of you mention something called "Stamp it Up". Since I am new to paper crafting and card making, I don't know what this is. can someone fill me in?

Also, I am stationed overseas (in Germany), and so I don't have a craft store near by. Can anyone recommend some on-line places that I can use to get papers and embellishments?



jules said...

Sandra - Your cards are fabulous! Thanks for posting. I really like the idea of the accordian card and I love all the polka-dots.

Stampin' Up is a company that sells stamps, paper, and embelishments. It does not sell in stores, but is run as a home-based business, making money through parties, worshops, and individual sales - like Pampered Chef, Creative Memories, Discovery Toys, etc. They have some really neat stamps. You can see their stuff at - I can put you in touch via email with a Stampin' Up Consultant, if you want to talk to one. They do have Stampin' Up in some countries in Europe, but I'm not sure about Germany.

As far as stores online, I've only ever used ebay and to buy craft supplies. I'm not sure about overseas shipping.

Sandra said...


Thanks for the compliment. I figure I'll get better over time. All of the other posts have already given me some ideas!

I'll check out the website to see what Stampin' Up has. As far as overseas delivery, I have a US post box, so I can buy stuff on-line and just pay normal postage.