Friday, January 18, 2008

New Cards

Last night I decided to make a few cards. A couple of them I am still deciding if I like them or not. However, they are made and they will get used. The first three cards I was trying to use some scrap papers that I had left over from other projects. The circles at the bottom of the third one are just held on by a brad so they can actually spin and be located in different patterns. The two frog cards are courtesy of Bri's stamps. She even colored the stamps for me also one day. So, I just had to assemble the cards. I like how they turned out. There will be more frog cards coming on another day.


Sandra said...

I love the frog stamp with the pink daisies! I like your idea of using scrap papers, and making the circle designs. How did you get the circles to turn out so well?

Roni said...

The frog stamp is a Stampin' Up stamp. I thought it was adorable. Unfortunately, I don't own it. The circles were made with a circle punch. It made it quick, easy, and perfect circles.