Thursday, January 17, 2008

Project Keepsake

I tried this project out on my Mom for Mother's Day, and she like it. I decided to start a project making these keepsake cards for every family I know, who has a deployed soldier (in either Iraq or Afghanistan).

This is an example of one of the cards I made. The front is just plain white cardstock, overlaid with a decorative paper, and topped with vellum, that I dry embossed with simple designs. I tacked them all together using metallic eyelets, and threaded normal ribbon through (trying to color coordinate the ribbon with the decorative paper).

The outside of the card and the inside are two separate pieces. I glued the inside accordion fold out piece in using craft glue, and just tacked it to the inside back of the actual card. The inside of the card, starts out with a "title page" for the individual to write something, or put a photo.

The rest of the card is a fold out, kind of like the accordion photo things from a wallet. It gives space to put photos (or other mementos like hand prints, foot prints, dried flowers, etc), on both front and back. I put in a text box (with colored paper backing) for this individual to write a personal message on. It's just a fancy lined paper, backed with colored cardstock.

I am hoping to get these out to all the families soon (I've already delivered two of them), in a sort of project pack. I put the card and envelope in, with some extra text blocks, and then some cardstock blocks and decorative blocks, so they can add and embellish as they like.

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