Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Two Birthday Cards

Here are two cards I made today for family birthdays this month. The ribbon is crunched because It was put on my scanner funny.
For my Sis-in-law &

for my nephew.


Lisa G said...

Hi, I am just wondering where you buy your supplies to make the cards, and also can you give some "how tos" directions on some of the card ideas? For instance Im wondering how you did the happy holidays card that is a blue card and has white "writing" which Im not sure if its done with a pen or glue pen or?? Such great ideas and I cant wait to make them and create my own from your inspiration!

Bri said...

All the posts by me my supplies are from Stampin Up (www.stampinup.com). I am not sure where the others who post get their supplies. It looks like Deanne used white ink on her happy holidays blue card with the snowman. I'll be happy to tell you how I did any of the cards, just give me a description of the card and I'll tell you what I did. :)