Monday, November 17, 2008

Special Cards for Special people

I will apologize now, if this offends anyone, but I wanted to share.

This is not a post of a card, but an idea of sharing the talents that all of you have.

A friend forwarded me this address. The idea is to make an extra card or cards this holiday season, and send one on to the address below

A Recovering American Soldier
c/o Walter Reed Army Medical Center
6900 Georgia Avenue,NW
Washington,D.C. 20307-5001

These cards will go to some very deserving service members who have been injured in the line of duty. They don't have to be extra fancy, in fact I imagine that many cards that will be sent will be store bought. But, I thought it might be mighty nice for these men and women to receive some handmade cards, and you all make some awesome cards.

Please don't feel as if I am demanding you participate, I am not. But, if you are going to be doing some holiday cards, please consider sending one. I have the opportunity to live in a military community, and I have the honour of seeing first hand the sacrifice that our military members and their families make on our behalf....this is just a little way to say thank you.

So I looked at the snopes website and it had a link to another snopes website that talked about the Walter Reed address and it actually said that is false. Walter Reed will not accept cards to "recovering soldiers." The website on that is:
BUT, it is true that this year the Red Cross will be hosting an event like that where we can all send in cards and they will distribute them. The website about that is:

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KarenB said...

Wonderful idea Sandra!!! I am the wife of a US Marine (former) and I would be honored to send a few cards. I already participate in a group for Texas military (my home state) who have been wounded and hospitalized in San Antonio. Thanks for posting and giving us a little reminder of what our military men and women sacrifice for us!!!