Sunday, November 16, 2008

Birthday card

This card was made by: rounding the corners of the green paper then stamping it with a small pattern. Then tie a bow around the green paper. On a white paper stamp your cupcake, use eyelets for sprinkles and color in the other sprinkles. Stamp a candle. Outline some things to make them show up better. Mount on a lighter color. Then using the word window punch, punch out a saying a glue it on. Ta-da!


Sandra said...

loves this idea. Where did you get the cupcake stamp?

JulieA said...

Cute! Nice job, Bri! Love how you're using your new Stampin' Up! birthday stamps.

Bri said...

Its called "party hearty" and its from Stampin' Up. It comes with nine stamps and they are really cute. You can find them online at