Saturday, February 23, 2008

Kopy Kat

I'm trying to make up a few blank cards to sent shut-ins at church. I sorta copied this from another site. I wanted photo corners but I couldn't figure out to make them so this is what I ended up with.


jules said...

I love this card!! You did an excellent job. I'm going to copy it - I have that same paper. Thanks for posting!

Paulie said...


I think to make the corners, you just need to cut an equilateral triangle out of the triangle's inside side. That would leave a "border of about a fourth of an inch on the two edges. Experiment!

Sandra said...


I love it! I think I'm going to steal the idea for my card class and try out my little dragon fly design.

I think that the corners are great the way they are!

Thanks for the great idea.

Sandra said...

one did you get the cool squiggly border between the two sides?

dot said...

I had a piece that came with a pack I bought a couple years ago. It never was the right color so I use it for a pattern and trace around it.
Later today I'll try to post a similar card that I like better.
Glad to see you back!!

Alfredo-sama said...

hola, bonito blog