Friday, February 22, 2008

card file

I haven't posted in a long time so I thought I would look through my card ideas and post a few. I like to get on (absolutely love this site--if you haven't tried it, it is well worth it!!) and find ideas. For a while I was making cards for my MK lady so I would find an idea on SCS site and simplify it. I wish I had saved some of the original ideas to show what I did differently but these aren't cards that I recently made though I am sure if you look up the stamp name, you will find the much more detailed image. This helped me to make mass quantities of cards with less work. Enjoy.

This card uses Lexicon of Love stamp set with some paper that I think I got from Michaels.

Both of these cards (above and below) use the Paris in the Spring stamp set. The one above was for a bridal shower and the bottom one was a thank you card for my MK lady to give to her customers.


dot said...

It's always nice to see some cards. Your's are very pretty!

jules said...

These are really cute! I especially like the first one with the four different rectangles. What a great idea.