Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I've been asked to teach a cardmaking class for our church. Any suggestions or ideas?

Also, I need to figure out costs. I was thinking of having people make a dozen cards, but I'm not sure what the costs should be, since I would have to provide all materials (no craft stores here, so I'll have to order on-line).

Also, suggestions on where to order the supplies would be appreciated.



KarenB said...

I've taken my two teenagers to a card class recently and the charge for all the supplies included to make four cards was $15 per person. We used stamping, inking, heat embossing, die cutting and dimensional techniques. The one thing I really liked about the class was they had everything pre cut for you where you could apply and go unless it had to be die cut. You also did all the stamping, inking, heat embossing and dimensional techniques yourself. The one thing that I didn't care so much for was the cookie cutter feel of the class where everyone walked out with the same thing. But, it was to teach the techniques and card making in general and not a crop so it made the teachers job easier for everyone to do the same thing. KWIM? I hope this helps you a little!!! Good luck!!!

Sandra said...

Thanks Karen!! I don't want to have a cookie cutter feel to the class, so I want everyone to make cards that fit them.

I was contemplating having cut outs and embellishments ready to go to make it easier, so thanks for the info on that.

Thanks for the information on cost as well. I was thinking $10 per person for 12 basic cards (since I'm not a pro, and the supplies will be limited by what I can order off the net).

jules said...

I think having everyone make fifteen cards would be a lot of work. I would do four or five. And like Karen said, I would have all the papers pre-cut, so all they have to do is assemble. Let them stamp, cut, and glue themselves.

One cheaper way to do it is to buy a mat stack of patterened paper that has enough paper of each design that you can easily make twelve cards or so with each patterned paper.

Make sure you tell people that they don't have to follow your design exactly. They can personalize it however they want. I like going to card workshops, but I always do things a tiny bit different.

I'd also keep it simple and maybe do a card or two with just paper, no stamps, so people realize they can make cards without stamps.

How fun!

jules said...

I still love JoAnns for purchasing things, although it's hard when you can't go in the store. You can use this link: for a coupon or search the web for free shipping codes.

Bri and Ben said...

When trying to find a well priced cardstock, I came to the conculsion that Micheals and Joanns didnt give me what I wanted for a good price. Therefor I buy cardstock from stamping up. It comes out pretty cheap.

Iris said...

If you have a local store that carries wall paper, ask them for the discontinued wall paper books. I have used these sources for quite some time and they make beautiful cards. Many stores will just give them to you if you ask or if they don't have any right them, they may take your name and call you. I get mine from our local Lowe's store. You just have to ask around.