Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Card Posting Ettiquitte

I wanted to ask what appropriate card posting ettiquitte would be. I've been making a lot of cards lately, and I'd love to share them, but don't want to hog all the blog space, or make everyone look at my crappy designs.

So, I'm looking for suggestions on how to approach posting my creations.


jules said...

There is no card posting etiquette - I'm just happy to have people posting! Look at the Nov and Dec # of posts compared to January. I love seeing new ideas. That's the point of the blog. Maybe I can find a template that uses more columns...I'll think on that.

Karen - thanks for including the how to on your card. I don't usually do that because mine are pretty self-explanatory. But I appreciated it.

Love the ideas - keep them coming!! :)

dot said...

I enjoy seeing all the different cards. Keep them coming!

Bri and Ben said...

Post lots we love ideas!