Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Flower Birthday Card

Talk about easy. I just wish I had a tag-punch. I cut the tag myself, used twine instead of ribbon, and used the same flower paper I used for the last card I posted.

By the way - thanks to all the new contributors! It's so fun to see a variety of cards. Especially since a lot of us have the same style, since we make cards together. :)


dot said...

I like that. It's neat and simple. Thanks for inviting me to join this blog! I'm enjoying seeing all the cards.

KarenB said...

Very cute card - love the hand cut tag!!!

Sandra said...

I love the tag....I was just thinking last night that i wanted to get a tag punch...also a circle punch, a square punch...actually a lot of punches.

I also love the flower paper.

Sandra said...


wanted to know where you got that Happy Birthday stamp. I love it!