Thursday, January 31, 2008

Baby Cards

I made some more cards for baby showers (a lot of women in our church are having babies soon).


dot said...

Cute! I recognize the paper in the first two. I've only bought one paper stack in my life and I'm still using it. I got it a couple years ago from Michael's.

KarenB said...

Love that footprint stamp!!! Very cute cards.

Sandra said...

I got the footprint stamp at AC Moore (a craft store on the East Coast) in 2002, when I was attempting to make birth announcements for my first baby.

I think the paper is from the Slab (number 4), but I've been doing so many lately, I can't remember what is from where.

I've gone card manic!

Paulie said...

Nice! I wonder what the footprint would look like directly on the scrappin' paper? I especially liked the footprint on the green and blue dots.