Saturday, February 5, 2011

Two Step Stamping Butterfly


These two cards use a technique called two step stamping to get the different colors. This is where the stamp set includes one or more stamps that are designed to fit inside or over the areas of another stamp.

In this case the butterflies are stamped in black and then you stamp each of the wings individually. It gives your image color but all you need are rubber stamps and ink pads. This was a clear stamp set it was easy and quick to line up the images.

Everything is stamped on the one sheet of white so it was a little more complicated getting the butterflies and words to all fit and be centered and where they made sense after everything was in place though but if you click on the one of the images the directions walk you though how I finally managed to get everything in its proper place repeatably after wasting a few white mats. Actually they didn't get wasted, they ended being the back side of the white on the cards but don't tell anyone.

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