Monday, November 29, 2010

Holiday Present Card Update

Here's a quick update on the latest card I created. It's a Christmas card based on same present stamp I used a while back for an any event card. By just changing the colors used, it is now a Christmas present. I used Sharpie markers this time so this is something anyone can easily do. The full blog post is here if you want to read more, or you can click on the card to go the web directions.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Two more Christmas cards

Here are 2 more Christmas cards if you are looking for some quick and simple ideas. Just click on the card if you want to see more information about how to make it.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Thanksgiving and Christmas Cards

Here's the latest set of cards I've posting this past week or so:

Millie's back for a Thanksgiving appearance! She's colored with colored pencils and Gamsol blending this time.
Here's a landscape version of the card.
Here's a different color arrangement
Here's a glittery Christmas card made from multiple types of glitter with Copic markers for the coloring.
Here's another Christmas card. This one is just stamping, punching and tinsel glitter on the side.

I did full posts for them over on my main blog if you want to read more about what I was thinking, or just click on the image if you want the web directions for how to make it.

Cards that have been in hiding

Hello all! It's been ages since I've posted, hence why I have so many cards to post. it has been a busy year, and I have learned some new techniques. I am still very into making very homey cards that clearly look like they have been handmade, so these cards are not the best of the best, but they are my best and I am very proud of them!

A simple mother's day card.

A card for a friend who is very much in love with elephants. I am sorry to say that I do not remember where I got this idea from, but the idea was not mine. I have now applied the "patchwork" technique to other cards I have made, and if this came from you I am sorry I am not giving credit where it is needed. I do love this new technique though!

My sister LOVES peace signs and everything about them. I used a piece of tracing paper as the liner in the card.

This is an anniversary card I made for my parents. I can't find the exact website I used for this, but this is the most basic design for the woven hearts and you can find a pattern almost anywhere!

I love this card I made for my brother on his birthday. It took me a VERY long time to make though. I just looked at a simple picture I found on a website and brought it to life!

I made this card for a friend who was feeling a little down. Just a simple, bright and cheery card that hopefully brightened her day!

That's all I've got for now (I know it's a lot). Hope you enjoy them!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Holiday Cards, Please!

I've officially fallen off the card-making bandwagon and won't be able to start until after we move for the second time this year in December. That being said, I love seeing the cards you all post!

This is a plea for Christmas cards and other holiday cards!! Anyone have good ideas? You can even scan ones from previous years that you received and thought were great.

Happy holiday season!


p.s. If you want to be a contributor, leave your email in a comment.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Christmas Goodies from a MIA Crafter :)




I hope you enjoy these!!!


Christmas Sentiment Tree Card

Here's a great Christmas card to make.

It's great because:
  • It required a limited amount of supplies, especially if you already have stuff to do embossing.
  • All the supplies came from local craft stores at 40-50% off.
  • Each card does not take hours to complete. There are a lot of great cards out there but most are too labor intensive to be practical if you have a lot of relatives and friends you need to send cards too.
  • Most importantly, it looks nice.
Since this is the first Christmas card post of the season, I'm going to try to do a giveaway. Post a comment on my main blog using the link below on the original posting by Nov 14, 12:00AM EST. For every 25 people that comment, I'll giveaway a pack of 4 of these cards to a random winner until I run out so spread the word!

Enter here: