Friday, December 24, 2010

Three New "Gift" Cards

Here are three new cards I made to give away as gifts this year to relatives who don't make cards but do send them out on a regular basis. The little birdies are going to my grandmother, since a little birdie used to always tell her stuff when I was little. The cupcake on the birthday card is colored with Copic marker. I showed them to someone and they didn't like it because they thought it was a printed image that had just been cut out and mounted so I guess that was a compliment? Either way I now feel the need to point that its a hand color cupcake image.

These were actually made with cling mount studio g clear sets that Michaels had on an endcap for something like one or two dollars a set earlier this year and the Recollections paper Michaels sells.

As usual, just click on the image if you want to see the instructions sheet on my website.

Happy Holidays

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