Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A quick survey to help me decide how to post some of my older cards

I have 24 "older" cards from before I started posting everything that I have scanned and started image processing (straightening the scan, color correction, resizing) them. My idea was was to post them on my web site like all the other cards I've posted here with a full supply list and directions and sizes but reality is setting in that between work, buying new craft stuff, making new cards, etc it may be quite a while before I get them documented well enough to post them that way. It's much easier to do when all the supplies are still on the table.

Instead of waiting until they are completely documented, I have been thinking about just posting them in a new sort of as-is section were you can see them but the supply and directions will just say "TBD" until I get to them or someone specifically asks, which may be never.

So my question is this:

How many people find benefit in having all the directions? Are you mainly just looking at the pictures on the blog or the website? Does anyone benefit from the size measurements? How about the supply list? Is that helpful? More or less so than the directions?

Please post your thoughts as comments on this post and help me decide how much effort I should put into getting these older cards online.

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