Sunday, July 19, 2009

ABC Birthday

My daughter and her birthday buddy (only 1 week apart) wanted to have an ABC birthday party and I just couldn't hold back. Here is the invitations we made. Luckily, I had my stamping buddy, Bri, come over to hep me get the colors just right and then make 8 of them! We had so much fun. Thanks for your help. (we used rollers for the cupcakes and the letter background, and then the B is for birthday SU stamp set, added the cupcake from another set)I did a lot of stamping for her birthday party decorations and games.
Like ABC Bingo
and ABC cupcake flags using lots of scallop and circle punches. (the other mom made the cupcakes--they tasted as good as they look!)
I had so much fun making the ABC bouquet. I wasn't sure if it would work, but Bri loaned me a few supplies. So with punches, 2 ABC stamp sets, chipboard letters, embossing, ribbons, skewers & letters from foam ABC puzzles all came together to make the bouquet.
We had tons of letters all over the walls, windows and doors and the kids had a great time hunting for letters everywhere. The girls just turned 4 years old and are SO excited to have learned all their letters! So with stamping stuff (and a few things from the dollar store), we had an awesome alphabet birthday.


Maren Hansen said...

I LOVE it and am going to steal your idea for my daughter's 4th bday next year. So cute--thanks for posting!

JulieA said...

Jessica, that is so amazingly cute! I'm so impressed with the detail and creativity that you put into this. What a wonderful birthday memory for your daughter and I'm sure lots of time stamping with your buddy Bri!

Jessica said...

thanks for the feedback. yeah I really got into it and had a lot of fun!

Bri said...

Yes great work! I love the letter boquet!