Sunday, February 8, 2009

Two B-day cards

So February is my birthmonth and two people share my birthday whom I am close to. This one was for my best friend. I just stamped a tree put hearts in it for leaves and a small bird. I rolled grass along the bottom with a wheel stamp and made heart flowers in the grass with a small heart stamp. Pretty simple.
This one is for my niece. A cupcake mounted on apricot paper and tied with a pink ribbon. Stamped some hearts around.
Open it up and its a pop up! this is done by using a word window punch to make to slits in the card. You then fold that inner portion of the card between the two slits inward. Glue another mounted stamped paper to it and volia pop up card. the apricot paper on the front folds over to the back of the card covering the slits. I learned this from my buddy Julie A.


JulieA said...

Cute, Bri! Nice cards! And it's good to see you getting some use out of Party Hearty.

Sandra said...

I love the pop up card! That is great. I also love the cupcake stamp...where did you get it?

Jessica said...

love it! Can't wait to try it!

Bri said...

Its in a set called "party hearty" from stampin up.