Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas card time!

Nativity card: gold sponged, purple crystal brad, three bronze eyelets.

Christmas Tree card: this is actually a birthday hat stamp and I added stumps. Plus one has a star eyelet for its topper.

Happy Holidays card: scalloped, punched, dimentional-ed (pop up), ribbons and green crystal brad.

Snowflake card: Silver sponged, blue crystal brad, ribbon.

Lone tree card: gold eyelets, ribbon, green crystal brad.

Snoflake bookmark card: Lucky recievers of this card will get to keep the happy holidays bookmark! its tucked in a pocket made by silver eyelets. This one is also silver sponged, sorry the scans didnt turn out so well.

We decided to put inside a Family update in a short poem and a photo. Below:

In Seattle’s misty shade
Violet her grand entrance made
On an early springtide day,
Now she crawls in merry play.

When Ginny sat with potty under
Her parents cheered in awestruck wonder
Talking day into the night,
Pink and princess her delight.

While rocky rills ‘neath foot were spurned
In the lab with lasers turned
Cells. His test were passed as planned;
Bens degree grows nigh at hand.

And Bri was crafting all about,
Sewing, baking, stamping out
Cards for you with Christmas joy;
Started by a baby boy.


Maren Hansen said...

Oh, I just LOVE the nativity one.

JulieA said...

Wow! You have all of that done already? I am seriously impressed. I especially loved the poem!

Sandra said...

Love the cards! Especially the snowflake one and the tree/birthday hat one. So creative!

The poem was very cute.

dot said...

What a cute post! I like all of your cards and you have a beautiful family.