Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I have seen on here several times people mentioning color, sketch, layout challenges. Being a novice in cards and the crafting area, can someone tell me what these are? And, how do I find them?

I'd love to find ways to improve my card crafting and take me outside my "box" (besides looking at all your awesome creations), so if you know of places I can get the "motivation" please let me know.



Deanne Burton said...

I have quite a number of challenge blogs listed on the right-hand side of my blog at

Hope this helps.

Maren Hansen said...

Personally, I've found the two things that help me the most are looking at millions of other examples (this blog, other internet sites, books from the library, etc) and then just trying stuff out myself. Trial & error have clued me into a lot of the things I need to know about balance, color, and materials that I like to work with. Good luck!

Philip's Designs said...

Hello Sandra, another great resource site is There is a lot of great information there on cards, cardmaking, stamping, etc and they also have various challenges. One area of their site that I often visit is the Resources section which showcases many differnt cardmaking techniques. Another place to try is This is another wonderful site that you could join, there are monthly challenges and all you have to do is sign up for free! Circle of crafters is a great site and all the members share lots of tips and techniques - I would recommend joining to everyone! :)