Thursday, December 18, 2008

Boy Birthday card

I have a hard time with boy birthday cards. I would love to hear/see what you think about this type of card.


JulieA said...

I think it's really cute, Bri! Good boy colors and love the sponging.

Maren Hansen said...

PERFECT boy card. I too have trouble with boy bday cards. I'd love to see more examples like this!

Zeta said...

I love it.....I have a nephew that get really mad at me for not making him a Birthday card cuz he knows auntie and mommy make cards....and we keep telling him that he'll get on on him birthday....well that boy remembers EVERYTHING!! Fore only 3!!
So I send him a late card......I think is so much harder cuz we are girls and we want to girlafi them and it's so hard to think BOY!!

Good job on the card!!!

dot said...

Cute! I really like it.