Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Adhesives Question

So I had a question about adhesives. What does everyone use on their cards? Especially when you are using embellishments such as ribbon, buttons, etc?


jules said...

I nominate RONI to answer this question. She's the adhesive queen. I like snail adhesive (looks a little like a tape measure) and adhesive squares.

Roni said...

Before I even saw jules comment, I was excited to answer this question. I have been experimenting with different adhesives lately and I love having several different kinds on hand--it makes many projects a lot simpler. So, here goes my list of what adhesives I use and what I like to use them for.
Glue Stick: I use this the most--all paper to paper items
Tom Bow: This is a very versatile glue. It comes out looking a lot like Elder's Glue. One small dot goes a long ways. If used while still wet, it gives a permanent stick. If you let it dry first, it gives a temporary stick. I have used this mostly for paper gluing but also for some glitter projects. (I bought mine through SU, but I have seen them--for cheaper--at Hobby Lobby and haven't checked other stores.)
SU Two-Way Glue: This is similar to the tombow in that it is a permanent or temporary glue. I use it mostly for glitter
SNAIL: (This is also from SU, I don't know if you can buy it elsewhere.) This is my ribbon adhesive.
Glue Dots: These are also a versatile item, I use them mostly for securing bows, buttons, or other little things like that.

So, I think that is all of the different ones I use. It seems like a lot to have on hand, but I have found it so much easier and many times quicker to have a variety to choose from in order to get the right look.

ahalversen (DBA) said...

Fabri Tac is my fav. adhesive. If you are putting on flowers, buttons, or ribbon, this stuff will hold it. You don't have to worry about them falling off. I used to have problems with my flowers and buttons falling off when I used glue dots, but not with this stuff. You can buy it in the craft aisle at Wal Mart. It is relatively cheap and lasts a LONG time. It is my fav by far!

Maren Hansen said...

I prefer the glue runners over everything else. Occasionally I use a glue stick, but the glue runners are fast and permanent. I'm cheap, though, and usually just use the Wal*Mart brand of glue runners. i noticed recently they also have a glue runner that does glue dots!! Oh, and vellum tape is a necessity with vellum.