Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Stationary Box w/Cards

Hi all - here is a cute little stationary box I made w/3 cards to go inside. Thanks for looking!!!





Shelley said...

Cute! I like all three!

jules said...

WOW - this must have been a ton of work! I love the brown - especially the card off to the right with the flowers going off the paper. Thanks for sharing with us!!

dot said...

Very cute!

Sandra said...

I love this idea! It must have taken a tone of work. What did you use as the box?

KarenB said...

Hi girls - these were actually VERY VERY easy. The box I bought at Archiver's - it has a magnetic flap on it. Simply covered it with paper after I inked all the edges. And the cards, well you all know how to make those!!! Thanks for commenting!!!