Saturday, February 2, 2008

A new stamp and a question

I got this in the bargain bin at Hobby Lobby a few days ago. I have colored pencils but no purple. I have some brush pens but they cover up too much. Can ya'll give me some suggestions on what to buy to color with?


Sandra said...


Have you considered coloring with a different color (using the pencils you already have?). If you have crayons, those can work as well. I like to use the Crayola Twistables.

You can also get some craft chalk. It's a really cute stamp, so have fun!

Paulie said...

What about water colors? You can get a tray of those for a small price and it comes with a brush. You can shade with them also. It might be nice to shade with pens/markers but water color the base first tho.

That is one gorgeous stamp.

KarenB said...

You could also try the watercolor pencils - they go on like a coloring pencil but you use a slightly damp brush to "watercolor" them on and they turn out gorgeous!!! Twinkling H2O's are nice too!!!

eba said...

My two favourites are Distress ink refills - used as watercolors, or just water color pencils and add water. Workes best on aquarell paper (or watercolor paper, I'm nor sure what you call it in English.) How fun to have a idea-sharing blog! ;)