Saturday, February 9, 2008

Card Question

So I am looking at expenses for this card class I am supposed to teach (I am so not worthy, anyone want to teach it for me?). For those of you that have gone to classes/workshops in the past, what do they provide? I was thinking today of all the card supplies I'll need, and then realized I hadn't budgeted for envelopes. Do they usually provide envelopes at these card classes?

Thanks for all of you good ideas (I'll be stealing some of them for the class)!


dot said...

I went to a class last nite and we made one card. There was no envelope with it and I never thought about an envelope until you mentioned it.

Iris said...

Most of the classes I've been too, we only do the card. However, my stampin' up class does provide the card. I find sources of paper everywhere. The gift shop at our hospital used patterned bags, so I always ask everyone for their bags. Also you can get discontinued wall paper books, discontinued curtain sample's amazing where all you can find pretty paper!