Thursday, January 31, 2008

What to do with scraps.....

I've been trying to use up my pesky scraps of scrappin paper and cardstock. I've tried the note card and gift tag approach. I've tried using them as "embellishments".

So I was curious...what does everyone else do with their scraps?


edmundnesbitt said...

Hello everybody, my mummy makes cards and often has bits left over. because she loves using really really nice paper and stuff she doesn't like to throw anything out so she saves up the tiny bits in an envelope and sends them to her friends who make ATC's (Artist's Trade Cards) I think it stands for.


PS If any of you crafters knows anybody who makes clothes for teddybears I could do with a duffle coat and hat! I have some money in my piggybank so I wouldn't see anybody out of pocket!

Thank You

dot said...

I keep mine in a basket that's a little bigger than a shoe box. Sometimes I can actually find something I need in there! ONce in a while I go thru and throw away everything I don't think I'll ever use.