Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Note Cards

I went crazy last night, and decided to spend about 4 hours making cards. At the end, I had a lot of scraps of paper, and odd shaped pieces of card stock. Instead of throwing them away, or trying to save them for later (and hoping I'd actually use them), I decided to make up some little note cards.

For this one, I had small strips of some decorative paper left, and so I just layered them in a weave sort of pattern, on an odd sized strip of cardstock I had left (just folded it in half). I'm not sure it turned out as well as I would have liked. (sorry my finger is in the photo, but had to hold it closed)

I had small pieces left over from trying to make valentines, so I made a little heart note card. I brushed the edges of the inset across the stamp pad (I saw someone else on the blog tried that before, not sure I did it right though).

I hand drew this dragonfly (based on a stamp I found online), and used up some other cardstock scraps. I colored in the wings and head with just regular crayon.

I had a lot of odd sized scraps of this green striped paper, and nothing to do with it. So i cut it into little squares (does anyone know where I can find a square punch?), and then just stamped some stars. Got extra ink on the stamp base, so it looks pretty crappy.

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