Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Name this Blog Contest!

I'll give (or mail) three homemade cards to the person who comes up with a new name for this blog. I decided the title is silly since we are all (admittedly) crafty. :) Leave a comment with your idea for a new name! If there are enough suggestions, we can have a poll.


dot said...

Oh no! I found this blog and I thought "this is the place for me!". I'm really not crafty and I'm trying to make cards. lol

Roni said...

Dot, come and join us anyway. I am sure you are a lot craftier then you think you are....I think we all feel that we are not crafty, hence the original name.

Jules, I am trying to think of names, but that is where my brain doesn't do so hot.

Sandra said...

How about "Handmade with Love" or

"Card Crafters Extraordinaire" or

"Card Creators" or

"Handmade Hallmarks"

I can't think of any more right now, but I'll try later.

Wischmeiers said...

Okay.. I was in bed last night trying to think of some good blog names for you.
Sorry if you don't like any of them... I am pretty competitive, so I thought I would give it a try :)

1.My Divine Card Design

2. Will work for cards -this is a tribute to Seattle... where there are plenty of homeless people.. I don't meant to disrespect.. but I thought it was a cute play on words!

3. Collective Cards Creations

jules said...

What about Card-makers's kind-of lame to comment on my own contest. I give the credit for this idea to Maren...stolen from her Scrapbookers Anonymous

Thanks for all the good ideas so far!