Saturday, January 26, 2008


I'm always searching the web for card ideas. I found this on a link in the Garden Web site. I think it would look better with some different paper.
Another tape card.


Paulie said...

I like the whole idea of your card with one exception. . . the taped part would look nicer if you tried to blur by rubbing the inks instead of dabbing dark spots. Try rubbing the ink down gently with cotton ball and smearing it. The composition of the ribbon, bow -which is tied perfectly- and the stamped area/saying is wonderful! I think I got you addicted!

Paulie said...

I forgot to comment about the top card and I wanted to say I like the idea of JOY and three colors but I think I would have put the strips horizontal instead of vertical and different colors. It could even b ribbon. Just a thought.

Sandra said...

I love the tape card! I never would have thought of doing that. I also like the inking, especially with the change in color. How did you get it to sparkle?

Also, love the ribbon, and am amazed at how well you mounted and tied it. Mine never turn out that well!

Where did you get the stamp for the saying?